Summary of Student Evaluations.xlsx - Evaluations Summary.pdf


MATH 1850: Calculus I (Spring 2022)

  • “all together the class was very fun and engaging”

  • “this class was very helpful for me it helped me feel comfortable with the course work, thank you”

MATH 5010: Abstract Algebra II (Spring 2021)

  • “I really appreciated that Yari was open to many different solutions and willing to think through other solutions and why they may or may not work. I also appreciated that Yari would briefly touch on the previous homework questions to clarify common mistakes.”

MATH 1350: Quantitative Reasoning for Business (Fall 2020)

  • “I think the fact that she was very adaptive in helping the students with what she can do so we were all better off was great.”

MATH 1440: Mathematics for the Biological Sciences (Fall 2019)

  • “I absolutely loved having Yari as a TA. It is obvious that she cared about her students' learning and was willing to help anyone on any concepts that they didn't understand. She would give multiple ways to approach a problem so that every learning style is catered to.”

  • “Yari was the best TA. She really went above and beyond to make sure we were all included. She also moved at everyone's own pace and helped us all individually when needed. Additionally, she sent us encouraging notes for our next exam and even created more times to make sure everyone could get help at their connivence[sic].”

  • “Math has never been my best subject and I have always struggled with asking for help. Yarianna[sic] was understanding and worked with me to help me improve. I found myself going to her office hours without hesitation. Yarianna[sic] is an excellent TA and is very compassionate and understanding, which is something I believe all teachers must possess.”